Family and Systemic Constellations is an efficient short-term therapy that allows within one session to access one’s subconscious levels in order to see the heart of the matter and its hidden dynamics. In most cases, this allows to find a resolution for an existing issue, i.e. launch a process of change and healing.

This is a profound method that combines psychological, spiritual, and philosophical aspects.

Family Constellations healing therapy is best practiced in a group, particularly if this is the first time you are introduced to this method. Though individual sessions (including Skype) are a better choice for those who feel awkward in a group, or uncomfortable when sharing their personal details and family history information.

Family and Systemic Constellations 

are efficient for those who want to:

  • Improve family relationships (both, in a family of origin and in their own – i.e. with parents, a spouse, children, etc.)
  • Understand the reasons of loneliness or difficulties finding a life partner
  • Resolve existing conflicts – break “a vicious circle” kind of situations (so called repetitive patterns)
  • Change the feeling of not belonging or being out-of-place
  • Discover the reasons of lasting fatigue, anxiety, extra-sensitivity and other “too much to bare” kind of emotions (like getting mad, experiencing fears or aggression for no obvious reasons; feeling guilty or unable to defend your own interests; not being counted with, etc.)
  • Look closer at health related issues to see “the message behind”
  • Make a choice, nevertheless experience difficulties with it
  • Find good business solutions (when there is a problem of choice, a conflicting situation, drop in sales, difficulties finding your audience, etc.)



Family Constellations therapy sees a person as a part of bigger systems and takes into consideration, first of all, a person’s family of origin, including historical, cultural, religious and other backgrounds to identify driving factors behind the issue a seeker is struggling with.

When constellations are practiced in a group, in most cases, a facilitator interviews a seeker as for the problem he or she came with and asks to choose representatives from the group for themselves and their family member/s or others. Then a client asks representatives to take certain places in the room based on the inner perception on how they relate to each other. Once a constellation is set up, the representatives start tuning into who/what they are actually representing, and a facilitator lets the process unfold, observing what shows up based on representatives’ feelings, intentions, states, etc., as well as guiding a seeker and a group through the constellation and looking for the best resolution for this particular person in the circumstances described. 

During an individual one-on-one session, as well as during a Skype session, the difference is that there is no group support and a facilitator often uses floor mats or table figures as representatives.

Time of a constellation session varies from 40 minutes up to 2 hours. Finding a resolution doesn’t depend on the time involved though.

Family Constellations method is based on identifying what was excluded at some point – in this or past generations, and subconsciously impacts a client’s life aspects now. Identification of what was excluded and attribution process allow to see what previously remained in the shade, and most importantly, to integrate the feelings connected with those events. The resolution, in most cases, comes through acknowledgement of what is and has strong healing effect.