10770 Columbia Pike, Suite 300, Silver Spring, MD 20901


Email: healing@familyconstellationsdc.com

Cell: 571.274.9635



10770 Columbia Pike, Suite 300

Silver Spring, MD 20901 


          $120 for a constellation (either an individual or a group session)

          $20 representative (or observing) participation in a group session

Payment Method

To make an appointment or a reservation, 100% prepayment is required.

  • PayPal – healing@familyconstellationsdc.com

      (please indicate your name)

  • Check – please call for address details
  • Cash – please call for details

Cancellation Policy

Individual Appointment (incl. Skype) – cancellations made fewer than 48 hours before the appointment are subject to 50% cancellation fee (i.e. $50).

Group Session – a constellation request cancellation made less than a week before is subject to 50% cancellation fee (i.e. $50).

Representative (and observing) participation cancellation fee is 50% (i.e. $10) in case the cancellation is made fewer than 48 hours before the scheduled group.