My name is Yuliya Ilchyk, and I am inviting you to experience Family and Systemic Constellations therapy as a journey of transformation.

When you’re sharing with me a problem or an issue you are facing, heavy feelings or a question you have – I can’t tell what is best for you until we meet in-person (also by Skype), set up a constellation based on your particular state and request, and make a joint journey of exploring and discovering the best resolution for you – whether with support of a group, or mine only during individual sessions. 

I will be moving at your pace and checking with you throughout the whole process, as fast or as slow as it may take. Every time, however identical situations may look, each one is different. Hence, each constellation process and its unfolding is different and needs to be personalized, i.e. no predetermined “solutions” offered beforehand.  

If this sounds like a comfortable approach for you, please see how you can get in touch with me in Contacts & Payment information to schedule a session. 


Yuliya Ilchyk is a certified Family Constellations facilitator, practicing in DC and MD.

She has profound business background, having built her career in hotel business from a PR coordinator to Director of Sales and Marketing. In 2011 she was first introduced to Family and Systemic Constellations as a client back in Ukraine (Kiev), where she originally comes from. After personal experience of the healing effect and other benefits constellations brought into her life, as well as having observed life changing results for other participants, Yuliya decided to learn a Family and Systemic Constellations method herself.

She started her own practice and became a certified facilitator, having graduated from Hellinger Institute of DC in 2016 (annual in-person program). In August 2017 she also graduated a two-year online course launched by Iryna Ishchenko, the President of Ukrainian Association of Systemic Constellations. 


Yuliya continuously grows her experience and holds the following certificates:

  • One-Year Training by Susan Ulfelder in The Family Constellation Approach of Bert Hellinger. Issued by Hellinger Institute of DC. Bethesda, Maryland, 2016.
  • Online Course by Iryna Ishchenko in Systemic Phenomenological Therapy, Consultation and Family Constellations (first grade). Issued by Ukrainian Association of Systemic Constellations, High School of Psychology (SC-1-38). Kiev, Ukraine, 2016.
  • Advanced Training in Systemic Constellations facilitated by Elena Veselago. Issued by The Open Field Institute (Russia). Bethesda, Maryland, October 2016.
  • International Intensive Training by Bert Hellinger and Sophie Hellinger: “The Future of Family Constellations Starts Now”. Issued by Hellinger Sciencia. Cancun, Mexico, 22-26 February 2017.